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Non-woven shoe cover

Number: MYCP-004
Product No.: my204
Product Category: Non-woven Other Products
Product Model: Sundry
Color: Multi-color any color available
Specifications: According to customer needs
Material: PP nonwoven fabric
Brief introduction: Features: aeration, filtration, heat preservation, water absorption, water resistance, flexibility

Product Details

Product material: non-woven

Features: aeration, filtration, heat preservation, water absorption, water resistance,flexibility, not unkempt, good hand feeling, soft, lightweight, flexible, resilient, no fabricdirection, compared with the textile fabric production, high production speed, low price,size is fixed, not easy to deformation, in mass production.

Use: simple family plant dustproof configuration. Suitable for purifying workshop,precision electronics factory, pharmaceutical factory, hospital equipment factory,reception room, family, is used for the production of environmental pollution isolatinghuman shoes. Also suitable for household cleaning, save the trouble of door shoes,and shoes, can be directly set the embarrassment of one-time use, can also be used repeatedly!

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