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Gift advertising bags

Number: MYCP-075
Product No.: my137
Product Category: Nonwoven advertising bag gift.
Product Model: Sundry
Color: Multi-color any color available
Specifications: According to customer needs
Material: PP nonwoven fabric
Brief introduction: A long, wide, high (can be customized according to requirements) gon 60-120g, there are dozens of colors for your choice.

Product Details

Our size: (customized size is available) LxGxH/mm
Small size Medium size Large size Extra large size
220x65x220 250x100x300 350x150x435 435x200x435
200x75x305 250x120x250 430x150x400 380x200x520
250x80x250 280x120x350 425x170x425 520x220x520
250x90x350 320x130x400 450x180x320 550x250x360
Our material thickness:
Material Process Thickness of paper Propose
PP non woven  Without lamination  Frm 70gsm up to 100gsm, Weight loading=max.15kgs
Tote bag, beach bag,
shopping bag,
 With lamination 120gsm or 140gsm,
PP Woven With lamination Frm 100gsm up to 160gsm,

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