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Non-woven bags have those characteristics and advantages?

Source: Author:admin 2013-03-12

The environmental on bags, many consumers are hesitant sideways. According to the survey, the role of the repeated use of the bags than plastic bags to use for a long time. It has now been the recognition of many consumers of non-woven bags.

Followed we keep adding to environmental awareness, the repeated use of the vegetable basket and bag, in fact, is the best alternative method, but due to these environmental things inconvenient with its not widely used by consumers to bear the bottleneck, and then plus single role, the manufacturing price also partial advanced many Features constraints of their use. At this point, the cost of low-cost, easy with the non-woven bags become the most widely sustained as the substitute of plastic bags.

There are also many practical applications of non-woven bag, list some so we know:

1, to be able to do the company's advertising bags, gift bags, and also be able to advertise bag. Thus able to get a good advertising effect. These companies are able to use the 'green' this prevalent words to agility to play the brand of the company. Followed by non-woven bags of continuous innovation, these companies also have a new and different perspective to it. Seek is different.

2, non-woven bags style novel depicts, glitterati carry goods.

3, non-woven bags can be recycled use of this feature, we can greatly decrease the use of capital for shopping bags.

Bags of advantages:

1, bags, environmental protection, information selection of non-woven fabrics, so sometimes the bags are also called non-woven bags, non-woven fabric is constituted by directed or random fiber is a new generation of environmental data, with a moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, not combustion, simple differentiation, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich colors, low-cost, recyclable and other special. Bags manufacturing information it has the quality of the environmental features.

, Bags relative to the plastic bag, can cycle applied to reduce the acquisition cost of the Let the shopping bags, Here brothers would say plastic bags are FREE Imagine "national free lunch? . "

3 bags fashionable, more and more companies now depict the more fashionable and beautiful, and the the Lvyuan bags Co., Ltd. has the bags depicting experienced for many years, and followed the age trend of environmental protection bags for many customers depict clients meet fashionable green bags, the customers, and society. So fashionable bags both promoted your temperament, better promotion of your character. In a plastic bag and environmentally friendly bag, environmentally friendly bags is undoubtedly your best choice.