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Ming Yu characteristics of non-woven protective clothing

Source: Author:admin 2013-03-14

Ming-margin non-woven protective clothing using classic Naizang gray spunbond polypropylene nonwoven Seiko sewn innovative comfort cut, soft and comfortable and have excellent moisture permeability and breathability

Can provide excellent dust protection to conform European standard CE TYPE5 the TYPE6 standard.

  Fabric through the anti-static treatment, high antistatic, effectively prevent the dust of more than 1 micron, and can protect the water-based chemicals spraying aerosol! 30% or less of sulfur can be used for

Acid, 10% sodium hydroxide protection! Maintenance-free, more economical, high cost!

  Ming-margin non-woven protective clothing can be used for the asbestos dust protection (effectively prevent dry dust), food processing operations (dust, water, pollution prevention), cleaning, repair and maintenance for

Industry, electronic processing, assembly (anti-static, anti-dust), oils, resins, chemicals, protection and other industries. The classic gray protective clothing than white protective clothing, blue protective clothing, orange

Color protective clothing, blue protective clothing more durable and more dirt!

  Permeable and waterproof, breathable and dustproof! Lightweight, comfortable, the Ming-margin non-woven protective clothing so that your leisurely!