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Waterproof easy to wash: How to buy a green bag

Source: Author:admin 2012-11-28
 6, "plastic limit" will be formally launched in the country, "bags" as a plastic bag alternatives will gradually into people's daily lives. Although low-cost, easy-to-use plastic bags than the cost of environmental protection bags, a short period of time may make citizens feel are not accustomed to, but regardless of the environment or the human body, it is better than non-green bags healthier.
     bags are environmentally friendly
  recent public shopping will find many shopping malls have been in response to the "plastic limit" some counter play "shopping gift green bags" gimmick to attract consumers, many supermarkets have also declared to be distributed free shopping bags environmental protection. With the growth of the "green" awareness, environmental protection bags gradually replace the plastic bags, the trend is irresistible.
  But to insiders, because of the higher cost of environmentally friendly bags, and the government is not mandatory, the real bags on the market, not many.
The   experts pointed out that a lot of non-toxic and non-bags are still plastic. Plastic itself will release harmful gases, the food in a sealed bag when the long-term accumulation of hazardous gas concentrations will increase as the sealing time increased, resulting in the bag of food has been polluted to varying degrees, the healthy development of children, especially prominent.
  generally small stalls on particularly deep color non-green bags, but there are even more great damage. These non-environmentally friendly bags are usually made from recycled waste plastic products reworked from great harm to the human body can not be used to hold directly imported food.
  How to buy environmentally friendly bags
  lightweight foldable: green bags generally use non-woven, nylon and other materials produced, to draw on plastic bags lightweight advantages, at the same time more solid and strong, and recycled.
  waterproof easy to wash: waterproof, easy to clean, making bags made of nylon and other materials, respected by the public.
  fashion to be beautiful: young people are more concerned about the appearance of bags beautiful fashion. Therefore, a lot of fashion people have DIY green bags, express individuality requirements.
  old bag a new bag: from abroad to implement in order to maximize the effect to the green bag, old bag a new bag, urging people consciously use green bags. Xu Jing Ying