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What is the "white pollution"?

Source: Author:admin 2012-11-28
"White pollution" mainly refers to the plastic garbage did not get the proper management and treatment, "visual pollution" of the environment and the potential hazards of the two negative effects.
  "visual pollution" is scattered in the environment of plastic waste on the the amenity landscape of destruction, scattered in the natural environment, on both sides of railway, rivers and lakes disposable foam plastic dinnerware and ultra-thin flying in the sky or hanging branches plastic bag, to people's visual adverse stimulus.
  "potential hazard" refers to the plastic waste into the natural environment are difficult to degrade long-term deep-seated environmental problems, mainly including the following aspects.
  1. Plastic film waste a large area of ??residues in the soil, long-term accumulation, caused by soil compaction to affect crops absorb nutrients and water, leading to crop failures.
  2. Discard plastic waste on land or water, animals as food swallowed, leading to the death of the animal.
  3. Light weight plastic waste into the garbage, bulky, and difficult to deal with. If the landfill will occupy a lot of land, and for a long time are difficult to degrade.