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Guangzhou set off a wave of panic buying green bags businesses intend to push biodegradable plastic bags

Source: Author:admin 2012-11-28

"Farewell plastic bag free era" countdown Guangzhou major businesses have a green bag Showmanship. Yesterday, Jusco supermarket in Guangzhou high-profile launch priced at 15 yuan / bags, triggering thousands of people to queue up for a membership card in exchange for free.

In addition, China Plaza Xindaxin Grandview department stores and other businesses are also actively promoting green bags Grandbuy friendship, the Teemall the bags is also expected to launch in the period May.

The   bags, members of the public have been accustomed to

The   plastic bags, there are still people Request

  yesterday morning, the the Tianhe City Jusco supermarket entrance and Desk front row starting long redemption team, just over an hour on the redemption of 110 bags. The Miss Gu Kexin told reporters: "After June 1, the supermarket would be no free plastic bags, brand clothing, shopping malls, supermarkets are now promoting green bags, but most must be additional money, so the free bags redemption certainly would not miss. "she said, around many of my colleagues, my friends are in the collection of different sizes, bags of material, a lot of people also installed a green bag on the handbag, convenient shopping service spare.

,   insurance clients Commissioner szsdwmr also told reporters that, In addition to the shopping trip and friends, also will use the green bags to pack snacks. Mr. Wu said: supermarket shopping plastic bags at the most loaded garbage at home, has seldom went out with a wife at home, reserve 6 bag commanded a person to go out shopping with a bag to hold things, dirty into the The washing machine to wash. now the family has formed the habit of not using plastic bags. "

  According to the city, a large supermarket, the official said, the use of plastic bags in the supermarket last year to reduce by about 1%, "Recently, however, many customers deliberately demanding too much plastic bags, for example, buy two or three bottles should ask for three bags beer, a beer, and the other two into the bag away. "

  new environmentally friendly plastic bags

The   Price too expensive, difficult to promote

  Kyrgyzstan's Island yesterday to start the environmental bag promotion activities compare box office, the senior manager of the supermarket operations headquarters Wada sensitive governance introduced the promotion of environmentally friendly bags. Copying Japanese headquarters of design styles, but the two places supermarket goods but is different from the - Chinese supermarket in bulk, fresh food sales Japanese supermarket. The bags did not take this into account. The next step will be to consider the improvement of existing bags plus a mezzanine within the existing bag so that the bulk of fresh food and packaged goods to distinguish.

  Toshiharu Wada revealed June 1, Jusco will all abandon the current plastic bags in favor of a directly degraded biological material plastic bags. But the price of this new material plastic bags, the supermarket has not yet been released to the media and the public.

  The plastics industry sources, the current supermarket plastic bags, made of oil and other raw materials, the cost price of 0.14 yuan / month. Biological material of plastic bags cost will be as high as 1.4 to 1.5 yuan / month, 10 times more expensive, may lead to this new type of plastic bags caught were praised "the embarrassing situation.

In addition, for the plastic limit the impact of likely-to-business sales, the person in charge of a number of supermarkets frankly, June same-store sales may be affected by the impact of the plastic limit, a decline. The spending habits gradually formed as consumers bring their own plastic bags, the widespread use of environmentally friendly bags, this effect is expected to quickly disappear.