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India International Apparel Fabrics and Accessories Exhibition

Source: Author:admin 2013-03-15

President of the European textile and clothing industry organizations of Alberto Paccanelli expressed, the establishment of a European Textile Technology Platform is a common decision of the tripartite partners, this is an important signal for the European textile industry and corporate. Only innovation and better cooperation in order to meet the market demand, the European textile industry in order to continue to maintain its leading position in the world. European textile industry will continue to invest in innovative and high value-added products, to ferret out the innovative energy-saving technologies and develop new business models. In this regard, the European textile and apparel technology platform to provide tangible support from the staff, collaboration, and funding.

India has successfully hosted the ninth. Currently it is the platform of the South Asia's largest textile materials, high-profile industry in Southeast Asia and even Europe and the United States. F & A reason for being pro-gaze of many fabrics, accessories, decorative materials and design services to manufacturers, suppliers, F & A for you on this platform brought real buyers from home and abroad, from clothing brands, countries buyers for wholesalers and retailers, retail chain stores, importers, fashion design and fashion brands gathered in F & A, year to focus on this, with a professional vision, clarity of purpose, there is a serious and reliable willingness to cooperate. F & A and even invite your purchasing groups, such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries. 2013 F & A strict control of the quality of the audience, to ensure that we provide an ideal B2B business platform. Business Networking Forum (BNF) held concurrently with the exhibition is an important part of the F & A, the forum focused on the textile supply chain topics to discuss, and industry decision-makers will have the opportunity to gather in one, to share ideas and experiences. F & A2013 will once again open the door to the South Asian market.

Host city: F & A the ideal host city - Bangalore

Bangalore, we are familiar with because of its well-developed IT industry and is known as India's "Silicon Valley" of the modern garden city. In fact, the Bangalore since ancient times, or important in South Asia cloth, clothing trading market. Today, it is still the center of the garment industry in India. Since the 1990s, the city has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign investment, which makes it the infrastructure construction significantly better than other cities in India, almost all international brands, including the global chain of stores set up their point of purchase. Bangalore will show you the perfect combination of ancient culture and modern civilization.

Last review:

In 2012, the Indian textile industry was once again confirmed their confidence in the F & A brand. They think reasonable structure of the products on display by exhibitors from the textile industry and its supporting products, enough to meet the expectations of buyers. The Exhibition also start a textile business organization Forum, endorsement by the top people in the industry in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The same time, most of the exhibitors are very satisfied with the emergence of high-quality buyers, they have enough confidence in this platform, a simple inquiry into orders. In fact, most of the exhibitors again firm to continue to participate in the determination of F & A, F & A also firmly believe that in 2013 there will be more new exhibitors join, they will come from the Far East, South Asia, ASEAN and European textile materials industry as well as related supporting services.

The latest market analysis:

India's textile industry in 2013 reached 2.7 billion U.S. dollars of export task for Indian textile exporters who can only be achieved by seeking high-value-added fabrics and accessories, because of India's domestic cotton prices higher than the international market for 20 %.

Otherwise, said officials of the Ministry of Textiles in India in 2008, the Government summary, this fiscal year, India's garment exports are likely to decline 24%, down to $ 8.78 billion from $ 11.62 billion in the original plan in response to the plight of the textile industry is facing, December 7 The Indian Government has just announced the funding of 14 billion rupees in the textile industry technology upgrade fund bailouts. December 26 India's "Economic Times" news reports quoted senior officials from the Indian Ministry of Textiles, India Textile Ministry has established the goal of attracting foreign investment in the textile and garment industry in the next five years to $ 8 billion (400 billion rupees). To this end, the Department is preparing to send delegations to Europe, the United States and China to look for potential investors, while also preparing the incentive plan to attract investors to invest and set up factories in India. The Ministry will also be invited to private investment funds and foreign banks to invest in the domestic textile industry in India, the investment target is 1 trillion rupees ($ 20 billion). Also to attract foreign design companies and clothing manufacturers to India, and in cities across the textile supply chain integration center "of the textile and garment construction in several states, the long-term goal is to India playing" the global retail chain of textiles sourcing hub. "