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Spandex Non-woven

Number: MYHD-018
Product No.: MYHD-018
Product Category: Spandex Non-woven
Product Model: Sundry
Color: Multi-color
Specifications: 0.3-3.0mm*58〞
Material: Polyester fibre
Brief introduction: Good air permeability, properties of high strength, wear resistance, waterproof,environmental protection, good elasticity, good tensile strength, no deformation,smooth to the touch, not hair anti-stati...

Product Details

Thickness: 0.3mm-3.0mm,
Width: any can be customized.
Product Name: Lippi (elastic nonwoven fabrics)
Product color: can be produced according to customer requirements (usually white,gray and black, blue, brown)
Product specifications: thickness of -1.0mm to 4.0mm can produce 0.3;,
Ingredients: Polyester needle punched non-woven + resin + auxiliary pigments,
Product characteristics: good permeability, properties of high strength, wear resistance, waterproof, environmental protection, good elasticity, good tensile strength, no deformation, smooth to the touch, not hair anti-static, yellowing resistance, anti siphon and fitting etc..
Usage: used for shoes, bags, toys, car decoration, to provide a variety of colors available for selection, a single, peeling, skin grinding three. Through the British SATRA wear resistance and color fastness test, Europe and the United States REACH, ROHS, eight heavy metals and other environmental protection standard test.Used to set the shoes, the inside reinforcement, Baotou, in the end, sole is skidproofleather handbag;, special elastic non-woven lining; belt, PU, PVC and trademarksandwich; artificial leather fit of the bottom cloth; automotive interior, seating, carpets;furniture sofa cloth; electronic products, lighting, sound box; sports, golf grip, baseball gloves edging; filtration, industrial belts, cutting board etc.. At the same time to provide all kinds of waterproof, fire prevention, anti oil, anti static, nano antibacterial,yellowing resistance, anti siphon, self adhesive and bonding and other specialtreatment after deep processing. Variety complete, non-toxic, the price is reasonable,the product best-selling consumer market, among consumers enjoy a higher status,the company with a number of shoe factory, handbag factory, furniture factory has established long-term and stable relationship of cooperation.

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