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Textile and Apparel state has adopted a system of punishment

Source: Author:admin 2013-03-12

According to the provisions of Article 27 of the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China", the product or its logo on the packaging must be true, and in accordance with product quality certificate of inspection; Chinese marked the product name, the name and address of the manufacturing plant; according to the product characteristics and use requirements, you need to indicate the product specifications, grade, contained the names and content of the main ingredient, be marked accordingly in Chinese, the need to inform consumers in advance, should be marked on the outside of the package, or relevant to consumers in advance information; improper use is likely to cause damage to the product itself or may endanger the personal and property safety of the product, there should be a warning sign or warning instructions in Chinese.

The provisions of Article 49 of the production, sales do not meet the national standards for the protection of human health and the personal and property safety, the industry-standard products, ordered to stop production, sales, confiscate the illegal production and sale of products, impose illegal production and sales of products ( including products sold and unsold, the same below) more than the value of the equivalent amount of a fine of three times; illegal income shall be confiscated; circumstances are serious, revoke its business license; constitute a crime, held criminally responsible.

Article 54 of the products do not comply with the provisions of Article 27 of this Law shall be ordered to correct.

The provisions of Article 60 of the producers specifically for the production of the products listed in Article 49 of this Law or Yijiachongzhen products, raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, production tools, shall be confiscated.

Control the substandard products to be multi-pronged

A person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry

Administrative punishment alone is not enough for the textile and garment products in the field of consumer goods circulation unqualified phenomenon. To get the textile and garment enterprises from the heart of great importance to product quality, depending on the brand reputation for life, in addition to the participation of Trade and Industry and other law enforcement agencies, industry associations also need to actively guide the merchant brand Forced mechanism, need the media, consumers of public opinion and other multi-pronged approach in order to achieve good results.

Terms of international and domestic well-known brand, there are some quality problems, most brand enterprises will actively respond to, and find out the reasons, follow the domestic laws and regulations, and to accept the punishment. These brands, they are most worried about publicity to the community, the impact of brand reputation. If you simply fine, can not play a very good regulatory role.

Not high profile brand requires not only administrative penalties for regulatory agencies, industry associations also need to guide agents, shopping malls, supermarkets and other merchants Forced mechanism. Because the event of a product failure, leading agents, shopping malls and other commercial tenants product backlog, slow-moving, we will have to the corporate returns, compensation requirements, most fears.