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In daily life, non-woven surgical mask is more economical and practical.

Source: Author:admin 2013-03-13

Right now, the the multiple places PM2.5 index frequently burst table, air pollution has become a topic of concern, but also reminders hot "masks economic diversity masks varieties on the market, then, in the end what kind of mask is the most practical it?
    Common market masks, broadly divided into four main categories -
The first category is the ordinary masks: general 3-layer type, there are many advertised anti PM2.5-the general five layers;
The second category is the surgical masks: a one-time 3-layer non-woven masks (hospital doctors, nurses wearing the kind of blue masks), cotton 4 layer gauze masks and 12 layers thick gauze masks (old foundation doctors wearing kind white the thick gauze masks, the basic need);
The third category is the professional-grade masks: N95 masks are and KN90 masks, are basically thick (N95 and KN90, on behalf of the filtering effect of the PM2.5, respectively 95% and 90%);
The fourth category is the new Alien masks: such as U-shaped nasal congestion "invisible masks, respirator masks.
In a conference room of 15 square meters, close all doors and windows, lit cigarettes, and other PM2.5 concentration accumulated to 600 micrograms / cubic meter (almost equivalent to very heavy pollution level), wrapped in a variety of masks microcomputer laser dust instrument collection port compared before and after the data gap, see a variety of masks can block much of PM2.5, respectively.
The results are as follows -
(Note: measured 6-layer the KN90 blocking rate is only 37.21 percent, because the the KN90 mask is not dense, curved, with detection equipment acquisition mouth wrapped inaccurate measured data.)
Judging from the data, the different masks are more or less able to filter PM2.5, but by no means depends on the thickness; example, thick 12 layers of gauze surgical masks to block the PM2.5 effect is the worst, only 17.7 %.
The masks filter PM2.5 focusing material. "The hospital disposable 3-layer non-woven masks, 12 layer gauze masks, can block some viruses and bacteria with respiratory infectious diseases the professional mask filter cloth with a layer of special material, a nose clip, and nasal paste together tight, airtight, the doctor enters the SARS SARS and other infectious ward are wearing N95 masks the professional, but on PM2.5 are powerless
Cut all kinds of masks found the 5-layer anti PM2.5 ordinary masks, 4-layer cotton gauze surgical mask, professional masks, which have a layer of N95 filtering cloth, while the other layers of gauze masks just to pay more, or add a layer of sponge, or an additional layer of activated carbon filter the PM2.5 effect is not good.
N95, KN90 professional masks protective effect, but comfort is not good, and over time will be bored.
"From a practical, the N95 masks permeability, and toxic and harmful gases exhaled lower respiratory tract, can not be routed to the outside, the equivalent of the rebreathing, is not suitable for long wearing.
The U-shaped nasal congestion 'invisible masks', although the barrier data looks okay, but block the nose to block the mouth, the practical effect will be greatly reduced, and it needs often change, it will easily breed bacteria; respirator type mask The styling is too exaggerated, wearing like a Bionicle.
The comprehensive comfort filtration of PM2.5 effects as well as price and other factors, in everyday life, non-woven surgical mask is more economical and practical.