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2013 Shanghai Non-woven exhibition

Source: Author:admin 2013-03-15
The first part of the Preface
Huge industrial textile market in China, accounting for about 50% of the total consumption in Asia. Industrial cloth and non-woven consumption in 2012 is expected to reach 600-700 million tons. All kinds of non-woven cloth consumption in 2000-2006, the average growth rate of 23.69%, the domestic market in the state has increased infrastructure construction, energy conservation, environmental protection, health care, and a series of good policy driven by changing
The second part of the exhibition
China's industrial fabric Industry Association
Chinese New Fiber Materials Industry Association
Asia-Pacific International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.
World Expo Group Shanghai Industrial Trade Fairs Ltd.
King into the Shanghai Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
Europe and the United States non-woven Industry Association
International Association of Industrial Textiles
The Nonwoven Industry Association of Asia
China Nonwovens and Industrial Textiles Association
Exhibition schedule:
The Registration Move-(2013-August 19, 2009)
Formal exhibition (2013, August 22, 2009)
Exhibition Location: (Pudong New Area, Shanghai New International Expo Centre 2345 Longyang Road)
The third part of the exhibits range
Industrial textiles: geotextile, building fabric, automotive fabric, agricultural cloth, synthetic leather fabric, filter material, construction cloth, electrical insulating materials, environmental protection products, paper, blankets, medical supplies, decorative items, clothing supplies, shoes, household goods, and other multi-functional industrial textiles etc..
Raw materials and auxiliary materials: polymers, chemical fibers, specialty fibers, adhesives, foam materials, coatings, additives, masterbatch.
Non-woven materials and related deep processing products: medical materials, interior decoration materials, new construction and waterproof material, PPE, environmentally friendly use of materials, filter materials, new type of warm materials and clothing accessories industry with timber, agriculture, timber, automotive use materials, packaging materials and coated fabric, geotextiles and geosynthetics.
Non-woven non-woven materials and deep processing technology and equipment: spunbond, meltblown, spunlace, acupuncture, dry paper (puffed Paper), stitching, thermal bonding, chemical bonding, carding, into a network, fiber processing, such as non-woven materials, equipment and production lines; women's sanitary napkins, baby and adult diapers, diapers, wet washcloth, masks, gowns, molded masks, polymer chemistry, fiber special fiber adhesive foam material coating additives, non-woven fabrics color masterbatch, resin and other deep-processing equipment; coating, laminated, electrostatic (electret), electrostatic flocking, molding, packaging, and other equipment.
Non-woven production equipment: non-woven equipment and production lines, bag making machine, finishing equipment, deep-processing equipment, auxiliary equipment and instruments.
Part IV booth sales price
Standard booth (booth specifications: 3m × 3m)
Domestic area: 13,800 yuan / month / extension of foreign enterprises $ 4,000 / month / extension
International exhibition area: 15,800 yuan / month / extension
The exhibition open space costs (open space 36 ㎡)
Domestic companies: 1480 yuan / square meter / extension of foreign enterprises $ 428 / square meter / exhibition
Joint venture: 1680 yuan / square meter / roll
(1) Standard booth fee includes: carpet, fascia board production; negotiating table, two chairs, a wastebasket, 220V power outlet, two fluorescent lamps.
② light costs include: exhibition venues, security, cleaning services.
   The fifth part of the advertising
In line with the exhibitors during the exhibition publicity and let customers know the exhibitors and communicate with after the contact, the organizing committee will carefully compiled Conference Proceedings. Proceedings addition to the visit to the site of the distribution of professionals to the industry department, agents, vendors, user units, research institutes, HS (school) and other units sent to enterprises in accordance with the specific circumstances recognized board journal layout .
Cambodia: 10,000 from India
Bag: 5000 from India
Tickets: 10000 from India
Exhibitors / visit tag: 10,000 from India, only two units.
Note: The above exhibition site advertised price schedule available on request.
   Part VI otherwise noted
1. Exhibitors who choose a corner booth are subject to 20% of the booth fee.
2. Participation Procedures: Fill out the application form cum contract official seal by mail or fax to the Organizing Committee. Mail or fax the date of the contract within five working days of the full amount of the participation fee or 50% deposit by telegraphic transfer to the Organizing Committee.
   3. Booth allocation principles: "first come, first pay, first arrangement". Participating enterprises in the export of the fee shall bank transfer by fax to the organizing committee for verification, the organizing committee arranged according to the "three first" principle booth. Organizing Committee only after receipt of the fee, was determined to the participating companies booth.
4. Participating companies forced to cancel the participation contract, the participation fee will be paid to the Division I as liquidated damages.
Seminars and exhibitions over the same period
By the Industrial Fabrics Industry Association, the Chinese New Fiber Materials Industry Association, the Asia-Pacific International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd., as the organizers of this exhibition, will be responsible for organizing the China International industrial textiles, non-woven fabrics and Equipment Exhibition held at the same seminar on the development of industrial textiles and nonwovens industry.
The organizers plan to carry out a series of industrial textiles, non-woven products sponsored seminar at the 2013 show. Priority sponsorship of the exhibitors seminar can be obtained, the company can independently determine the contents of the report, is responsible for providing the relevant documents, each sponsor company can customize the number of invited audience. The symposium field maximum capacity of 120 people.
Foreign: $ 2,000 / field; domestic enterprises: 10,000 yuan / field. Time: 60 minutes / field
(Note: The lack of a press of a calculation, need lectures by, please fill in the Registration Form)
   Tour groups
Agriculture, construction, clothing, railway, highway construction, dam engineering, furniture, decorative carpet industry, filtration, clean, sound-absorbing, health, medicine, first aid equipment, automobiles, ships, aircraft, aerospace, environmental protection, re-use, recycling, packaging , protective packaging, hard paper bags, storage, protection, protection, sports equipment and devices.
   Exhibition Services
Invite domestic and foreign industry, textiles, non-woven fabrics and related businesses, as well as visitors to participate in this exhibition;
Through television, newspapers, Internet, magazines and hundreds of media publicity this exhibition;
Invited government agencies, professional organizations, news organizations to participate in the exhibition and exhibition coverage;
Assist exhibitors processing exhibits transportation, Furniture rental, hotel reservations and other matters