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Ming Yu woven storage box, we bid farewell to the mess!

Source: Author:admin 2013-03-18
Woman often admitted tangled Why do so many things? Ming Yu woven storage box, we bid farewell to the mess! With some of the gadget, and then play your diligence, everything will be in perfect order. May wish to learn from the following storage box from the right.
1, underwear woven storage box
Underwear is a woman's most personal clothing, clean storage, how to clean messy personal clothing the secondary "pollution"?
Underwear storage box is not nothing new, I believe a lot of MM has long been in the bag. Underwear storage box benefits that can be separated from other clothes and underwear wardrobe and get convenient.
Non-woven materials are relatively common, and the colors seem to be more attractive. This built-lattice of non-woven storage box, it is more suitable for storage underwear put socks also good. Covered and uncovered, it depends on your own preferences.
2, scarves, hats woven storage bags
Scarf and hat accessories is also a woman and ultimately, these things seem to head a little, but also not easy storage. With woven storage bags, scarves and hats will have a place for.
3 bags woven pouch
For a woman, the bag is naturally as possible, with the handy thing to! The problem is home to a lot of bags finishing daring, occupy a "large country" of the wardrobe, one match had to turn out tortured friends! Non-woven bags pouch to go into action, to help you solve the storage bag.
Both positive and negative, respectively, may be admitted to the two packages and three small packets in the closet, a thin layer does not account for how much space. The transparent design allows you access to a glance!
4, sweaters woven storage box
A heavy sweater into the wardrobe closet occupied full. And this heavy clothes will seem stacked crooked, when access is easily disrupted. So, ready for the sweater a few non-woven storage box! Classify them home together.
    5 coat woven storage bags
Clothes hanging in the closet foolproof? Clothes of various colors together, will inevitably grazing dyeing, so, to every piece of clothing to wear "jacket" is not necessary.
6, quilt woven storage bags
Seasons, the seasons doomed home to prepare the different thickness of the quilt, and storage of these quilts more of a headache, because it takes up too much space. Therefore, the compression bags incorporated quilts was released on the highly respected.
This non-woven compressed bags for material reasons lead to large price gap, hundreds a few dollars a everyone to keep their eyes open at the time of purchase.
7 shoes woven storage box
Like bags, shoes for women, but also the more the better. But again, many things, storage is a problem. Shoe rack can be placed on the season often wears a quarter of those shoes how to do it?
Non-woven storage box suitable for the reception of lightweight shoes, with fully transparent lid, when access is also very convenient.
The housing project amount is really huge, not to maintain the "status quo" Oh! More solutions than problems, and now with these storage helper, you can also easily promoted to the "closing Granada" friends!
With these kinds of bedroom non-woven wardrobe decoration, I believe that your home must be able to say goodbye to messy, any time a friend, you will not be running around in circles.