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Two sessions on the development of the textile industry, explore

Source: Author:admin 2013-03-19

As the lifeblood of the entire textile industry chain - cotton has become the industry's "heart disease". Especially the huge fluctuations in cotton prices since 2011, resulting in losses of many textile enterprises, the entire textile industry chain and therefore not a small effect. How to remove a piece of "heart disease", has become the industry is an urgent need to solve the problem.

In recent years, the cotton issue has been restricting the development of the industry, in particular, is a huge price difference for the domestic cotton prices last year and the formation of foreign cotton, bring a lot of distress to the development of the industry.

National People's Congress, interpersonal Wah Group of the May Fourth Movement 2 Textile Co., Ltd. spinning workshop coach Tang Lingling, told reporters that an important factor restricting the development of textile enterprises at home and abroad cotton spreads. "Due to the large gap between domestic and foreign cotton, imported cotton than domestic cotton cheaper per ton a few thousand dollars, cotton raw materials accounted for 60% of the cost of our business, therefore, enterprises are facing multiple pressures."

Cotton for the current problem, industry experts pointed out that, in order to both enhance the enthusiasm of farmers in cotton, but also promote the development of the textile industry, the financial subsidies for farmers to take, at the same time release the quota, etc..

During the two sessions this year, the number of deputies and members of Bian Zhiliang, Wang Li, Liu Dajun jointly submitted the "temporary storage of cotton prices and improve the cotton subsidies, suggested that the state continue to implement the cotton purchasing and storage policy as soon as possible in improved in the new cotton sowing the 2013 temporary storage of cotton prices, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of cotton farmers in cotton growing. Reference to the grain subsidy policy approach, as soon as possible to establish the mechanism of cotton subsidies, not less than 100 yuan / mu standards in accordance with subsidies, the implementation of direct subsidies to cotton farmers, in order to stabilize the cotton-growing area, keep the self-sufficiency rate of domestic cotton.

At the same time, the China Association for Promoting Democracy Central Committee recommendations submitted to the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

They said that the country should be a comprehensive reform of the domestic cotton import management system, based on an appropriate increase in the cotton-growing subsidies to protect the interests of farmers, the abolition of import quotas and the sliding tax management, domestic cotton market standards.

The Industry Transfer: do not "removed" competitive advantage

80% of China's textile industry is concentrated in the eastern coastal areas of eastern escalating production costs, many companies have to start thinking about whether or not to industry transfer. Along with highlights of the Southeast Asian countries, labor cost advantage, some companies have even started to consider more "cosmopolitan layout.

The textile and clothing industry is a traditional pillar industry of China's national economy and an important livelihood industry, the international competitiveness of the industry significantly.