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Non-woven many classification a wide range of uses

Source: Author:admin 2015-01-26

In twenty-first Century the global non-woven fabric is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with water repellent breathable flexible cloth combustion non-toxic non irritating rich colors and other characteristics, if the non-woven bag placed outside the natural decomposition,the longest life span of only 90 days, under 8 years of indoor decomposition, combustion of non-toxic, tasteless, and without any remaining material thus the pollution of the environment, cloth, sohave been applied in lots of industries, according to the use of non-woven fabric can be categorized as follows:

1 garment industry: clothing lining, Heel Toe lining, lining, underwear, man-made deerskin, synthetic leather, warm shoes lining, lining cloth shoes low.

2 the agricultural harvest cloth shed cloth.

The 3 industry: floppy disk lining, speaker cloth, filter material, sound insulation blanket, seal ringlining, cable cloth, glass reinforced cloth, industrial cloth, shockproof pad, insulation materials,adhesive tape base lining, pipe base lining, ventilation pipe, Chapib.

4 packaging industry: composite cement bag, bags lining, packaging base lining, storage bag,mobile jacquard cloth bags.

5 home decoration: sofa cloth, carpet, wall cloth, glasses cloth, tea bags, vacuum cleaner LV bag,shopping bag, printed sheet, entertainment cover, cushion, sleeping bags, cleaning cloth, Bai Jiebu, curtain, tablecloth, lampshade.

6: Civil Engineering and Architecture: reinforcement, reinforcement, filtration, low oil blanket cloth,water drainage board, roofing materials, railway, highway, slope, water slope, port noise, sewers,heat, separation, drainage.

7: the medical and health industry: gowns, caps, cover, gypsum cotton, women's sanitary napkins,baby diapers, wet face cloth, health underwear, dust cover.

8: Other: rocket, missile head exothermic vertebral body, tail nozzle throat, advanced printing paper, the shuttle Nairewa, map cloth, calendar year, artificial cloth, canvas.

Non-woven fabric live with us contact many, multiple purposes, and non-toxic, no pollution to the environment, by everybody approval!