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Printing non-woven fabric

Number: MYPP-025
Product No.: MYPP-025
Product Category: Non-woven
Product Model:
Color: Multi-color
Specifications: 10-300g*1.6m
Material: Polypropylene
Brief introduction: Printed non-woven fabric has good hydroscopicity, good softness, good breathability, strong toughness, easy processing, easy to wash, easy to sew, has many features like hygiene sterile. Printed nonwo...

Product Details

Printed non-woven fabric characteristics:
1, high strength, has little difference between vertical and horizontal strength;
2, acid and alkali resistant, non-toxic, no radiation, harmless to human body;
3, has the good breathability;
4, using masterbatch staining, never fade.

Printed non-woven applications:
Printed non-woven fabrics are widely used in packaging and shopping bags, travel products accessories, disposable medical products, car accessories, daily supplies, industrial and agricultural products, and others. It is a revolutionary product instead of traditional materials and papers.
1, packaging products: environmental protection bags, shopping bags, suits covers, portable wardrobe, storage boxes etc.
2, hotel and resorts hygiene products: hotel supplies, including face towel, slippers, and disposable non-woven products such as health bags, sheet, tablecloth and pillowcase.
3, medical and health care products: mainly used in protection and isolation, such as when cleaning or painting, hospital gown, shoe covers, face mask, isolation gown when visit patients etc.

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