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PET printing material

Number: MYPET-003
Product No.: MYPET-003
Product Category: Other categories of non-woven fabric
Product Model: Sundry
Color: Multi-color
Specifications: 20-300g*1.6m
Material: Polypropylene
Brief introduction: Non-woven production is mainly of polypropylene fiber (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester (PET), nylon (PA), viscose fiber, acrylic fiber, polyethylene (HDPE); according to the application requir...

Product Details

Spunbonded nonwoven fabric is in the polymer has been squeezed out, stretch and the formation of continuous filament, filament layinginto the net, web after bonding, thermal bonding, chemical adhesiveor mechanical reinforcement method, make web into non-woven fabric.

Weight: 15-300GSM

Width: 160/240CM, can be cut

Color: Black / White / color

Price: RMB10000-16000/ tons

Features: high strength, high temperature resistant performance is good (can be used for a long time at 150 ℃ environment), anti-aging, anti ultraviolet, elongation rate, high stability and good air permeability, corrosion resistance, sound insulation, non-toxic, anti moth.

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